“Muzzi helped me to write a lot neater and my organisational skills are now a lot better.  My favourite game to play with Muzzi is Dobble”

S, Age 4

“I love that you give me cuddles when I do good work…that’s why I love you”

A, Age 7

“The first time I saw you I was a little bit shy but now I am not. Now we are happy and you are always extra nice”

C, Age 9

“Do you remember when we first started? I couldn’t even write the letter ‘C’ or do easy puzzles”

Bella, Age 4

“I am going to miss the games. They helped me with my work and all the things I didn’t know before I had sessions with Muzzi”

Felix Ahlborn, Age 4

“You are the loveliest lady in the whole wide world!”

Y.C. David, Age 4

“I love you because you help me with things”

N, Age 3

“Mummy, is today a Muzzi day?”

Felix Ahlborn, Age 5

“You know lots of things Muzzi. I know because you say lots of clever words.”

Nathan, Age 3

“Muzzi, can I tell you something? When I play the Mickey Mouse game on my mummy’s phone and win, it tells you you’re a superstar like you always tell me”