Z, Age 5

“Thank you Muzzi – you deserve a special treat for teaching me”

S, Age 7

“Mummy, when can I have a play date with Muzzi?”

A, Age 7

“Muzzi, I missed you as well. I kept asking when we are coming back from our holiday because I wanted to have a session with you”

Z, Age 5

“We have to put two ticks for each activity on our plan – one for me and one for you”

F, Age 5

“I just wanted to say your activities are the best activities. Shall I tell you why I said that Muzzi? Because they are fun and good for me and make me really really strong!”

Alex, Age 8

“I’m glad I started doing OT with Muzzi – it is really fun and enjoyable and it makes you find stuff easier as well.  The games can be hard at first, but you’ll leave the session smiling”

S, Age 8

“I’ve missed you Muzzi – you were one of my favourite things in year 1!”

Z, Age 5

“I am going to count 8 sleeps till you come back”

Y.C, Age 5

“I love you so much because you do such hard work with me”

C, Age 9

“What is your favourite thing to do because mine is to see you and smile all day. I like everyone but I like you the most”