“I hate it with you leave – I wait for you to come back every week”

A, Age 3

“I like puzzles – it is very exciting that I could do it all by myself”

L, Age 4

On completion of a very challenging activity – “And look at that – I am amazing!”

Gabriel, Age 4

“Mum, why do I have to wait so many days to see Muzzi again? I like playing with her!”

Archie, Age 6

“I like the plan and I like playing with you. You’re very nice you know!”

M, Age 6

“Can I tell you something? Do you know what my favourite thing is? Coming to your house.” 

Josh, Age 6

“Wow – this is the best thing I’ve ever made with a new game”

Zack, Age 5

“I am so good today! I didn’t even need any help!”

Matan, Age 6

“I like the plan because it helps me to know what is happening after each activity.”

Ellie, Age 5

“I enjoy our sessions because they help me with my work and my writing and my fingers. I know the activities can be hard but it means I am getting strong!”