Y.C, Age 4

“Our sessions help me with all my work and my numbers and writing. And they also help me with my thinking, looking and listening.”

Joseph, Age 6

“I really feel that the activities help me. I can feel that I am much stronger and I can also concentrate and sit better. I can also write and do much better at school.”

Josh, Age 6

“Are you going to see me when I am in year 3? I want you to see me all the time until I am in Year 13.”

Asher, Age 6

“I can’t believe I did a 40 piece puzzle, I can’t believe it!”

Y.C, Age 4

“I love you because you help me with all the hard stuff.”

Tristram, Age 4

“Muzzi! You’ve got magic in your hands!”

S, Age 6

During an OT session, a 7 year old girl wanted to practice rolling the play-doh into the shape of a challah. A week later, she came to my house and said “Muzzi I made you a real challah just for you because I love you so much!”

T, Age 5

“The ball games are getting easier because you keep showing me how to do it!”

Cobi, Age 9

“What qualifications do you need to become an occupational therapist? … Well, I enjoy it and I find it interesting… If I was good enough, I would want to do the same job as you when I am older.”

Tzipi, Age 5

“Mummy! I won the class balance competition in school today because I practice balancing with Muzzi!”

Milo, Age 9

“Muzzi has really helped me with my fine and gross motor skills and I find it has a big effect on my everyday life. I like Muzzi because she is  kind and she helps you.”