Deb Ray 07.16

A big thank you to Muzzi and Mel for all their help and support for my son.

Their dedication and effort has made my son progress and i cant be more happy than this.

Lovely to work with them and will miss them.

Ruthanne, SENCO in North West London Schools, 07.16

Thank you for everything you and the lovely and effective Mel and Shiri do for our children.  They enjoy their sessions and make such visible progress. Must be your influence then because you and your team are the best.

Claire 05.16

Bella, our daughter, has taken a great leap forward thanks to Muzzi’s wonderful sessions and the patience, kindness and enthusiasm that she has shown.  Both at home and at school Bella has become a lot more methodical, organised and focused and her gross and fine motor schools have improved hugely. During sessions Muzzi made games, problem solving and puzzles so much fun and she created a lovely caring relationship with Bella, which made all the difference. We also received weekly feedback and advice on how to help Bella focus and approach activities at home and in school. Thank you Muzzi for your invaluable support.

Aisha 04.16

Muzzi created engaging, helpful sessions for my son that he really enjoyed.  Muzzi has been considerate and insightful throughout my son’s sessions with Creative Therapy, and she is that rare thing, a therapist that genuinely cares.

Maxine 04.16

As a mom I knew deep down there was a problem with my son once he started nursery school and was finding it very difficult to write his name, everyone around me made me feel as if I was being neurotic,  I discussed my concerns at every parent evening during his Reception year, he could write most letters and numbers the wrong way around- but his teacher didn’t seem to think this was much of an issue. At the end of reception he had a project to do in the holiday- at this point I absolutely lost the plot and found myself screaming and being so angry and frustrated at my son, the school but to be honest mostly at myself for not taking action sooner- and if I carried on trying to address the issue myself- I would damage my relationship with my son for life.  Muzzi to the rescue! Muzzi had started working with my nephew a few months before this, and came highly recommended by my sister. Benjamin due to his hypermobility has huge issues with core stability, balance and fine motor skills and also had a huge issue with organising a task- so when given any new puzzle, task or game, didn’t know where to start. Muzzi has systematically improved his ability to organise tasks in innovative ways, worked on his core strength and proprioception using simple yet affective exercises. And his fine motor strength and skills have improved dramatically, the foundations have finally been laid properly and now they are working on his writing. I think OT has become one of the highlights of Benjamin’s week,  it is a fun and secure and loving environment and has given him so much more confidence.

Mel Blass 04.16

Our son started OT with Muzzi and within a very short space of time its clear to see significant progress. He loves his sessions with her and we can all see his development week by week. Muzzi has been amazing with him and without any hesitation has taken on new ways of communicating as he is non verbal. Her patience and warm nature make each session not only relaxed and enjoyable but productive too! She has also been a great support to us as a family which we are grateful for. We would definitely recommend working muzzi and we look forward to our OT session every week.

Kim 03.16

I cannot put into words how invaluable Muzzi has been in our journey. My 7 year old attends OT sessions twice a week with Muzzi and he absolutely adores her. The one day I asked him how the session was, he paused and then said very happily in one word ‘perfect’. Muzzi is so dedicated to her clients and is always willing to go the extra mile (and more!). She always makes the time to talk in person or on the phone when necessary and is genuinely passionate about helping her clients to overcome their difficulties and reaching their full potential. From the moment I first met Muzzi it was clear that her holistic and insightful approach to the OT sessions that she offers was exactly what my son needed. I can’t recommend Muzzi highly enough. She truly is a special person.

J Lobb 03.16

Muzzi started working with my 9 year old daughter around six months ago and the transformation in her is frankly incredible.  From addressing and resolving OT issues such as visual tracking, coordination, organisational skills and general confidence, Muzzi has it all covered.  My daughter absolutely LOVES going to what she calls her ‘Muzzi playdate’ and has formed a wonderful bond with her.  Muzzi is gentle, kind, creative and nurturing and I would recommend her over and over again

Leigh Anne 02.16

It is a dark place as a parent to see your son struggling with so many aspects and demands placed on them. I maybe a skilled professional myself but it was much harder than you imagine, trying to find the correct support for Ethan and ultimately our whole family. Before we came to Muzzi our family was in a degree of distress and crisis. Ethan ‘s confidence at school was deteriorating, he clearly was feeling inadequate this lead to much frustration, which manifested primarily in a angry outbursts. These outbursts were frequent and upsetting for us all. When he said “Mommy I can’t help myself” my heart broke. After Muzzi’s creative, enthusiastic, ALWAYS upbeat manner with Ethan, we are so delighted to say we have a happier, more confident calmer child. His school, friends and family have all commented on the difference. Of course he has his moments which are far less frequent, but with her suggestions in place, I feel I deal with them more positively. “Is today a Muzzi day? I love Muzzi days” says a lot. Thank you so much for helping to restore some peace in our home.

RS 12.15

My son really enjoyed the sessions with Muzzi. She encouraged him and engaged him with fun and creative activities. He really looked forward to his sessions and was happy and excited to work with her.

Vicki, Tim and Max Green 10.15

Muzzi has been amazing. Her holistic approach to occupational therapy has worked wonders for my sons fine motor skills, organisation, concentration and confidence that has had a positive practical impact on our day to day lives. She is kind and patient, listening and making time for all the family. Thank you.