Laura and Trevor G 09.15

Muzzi has been extremely professional in assisting our daughter and helping her from an occupational therapy perspective. Importantly Muzzi, has taken the time to know and understand our daughter as an individual. Also, over and above the excellent services provided, the pastoral care and support we have received has been second to none.  At all times Muzzi has put the interests of our daughter first: for example ensuring that the appropriate day to day educational structure for our daughter is in place to maximise the success of her development. As a family we are all extremely grateful and have no hesitation in recommending Creative Therapy to others.

Dr Amanda Holland and Mr Matthew Seal 09.15

Our son Daniel has been having regular OT with Creative Therapy for a few months and we are very impressed with their service.  We have seen a good improvement in Daniel’s concentration and in his fine motor skills.  The therapist visits Daniel’s school which is a huge advantage.  We’re not having to waste time on travelling to and from therapy sessions and it helps save Daniel from too many after school activities when the school day is exhausting enough.  Creative Therapy provide an informative email after every session detailing what Daniel worked on with the therapist, highlighting his achievements and bringing to our attention anything he found difficult.  And last but not least, Dan really enjoys the sessions.  The therapists are kind, friendly and encouraging.  We would definitely recommend Creative Therapy to anybody.

Anonymous 09.15

H is on cloud nine because netball went so well today. She intercepted 2 passes and wants you to know that all your time with her has paid off! So happy! Can’t thank you enough xxx.

Anonymous 09.15

Muzzi’s been working with our two children for a number of months and we can’t rate her highly enough.  She’s fun and kind (so the kids love her), but she’s also hugely capable and methodical in how she rolls out the individualised programmes.   We’ve seen huge progress in our children, both in their coordination and motor control as well as their confidence and self-esteem.  Thank you Muzzi!

Anat Abraham 08.15

Muzzi had been working with my son for the last 9 months. Beside the fact that he absolutely adores her, Muzzi has helped him tremendously and he is showing great progress. Muzzi has a “magic touch” with him and he is going exited to every session. Muzzi seems to have a wide knowledge with all aspects of special education. Since I realized that my son had learning difficulties she has been guiding me throughout this process and I can see her devotion and passion to her work. I consider myself and my son very lucky to have met her because I have no idea what I would have done without her.

Deena Rubin 08.15

Muzzi is a very caring and special person, she will go out of her way to help and is always able to give feedback following sessions!! My son has ASD doesn’t communicate with people he doesn’t know very well however he opened up to Muzzi and really likes her!!

Mr & Mrs H 08.15

Our son has had intensive therapy sessions with Muzzi  for the last three months and continues to do so. She has helped him enormously and his sports coach over the Summer said Archie had improved beyond measure over the Summer during camp and I had to confess that this was down to OT with Muzzi. He really looks forward to seeing Muzzi and she has gone beyond the call of duty in trying to help our son access all the relevant support he needs. We cannot recommend her enough.

Carly S 08.15

Muzzi has been helping both of my children for the past X months and during this time we have seen a marked improvement in their fine and gross motor skills. They both look forward to their sessions with her and look upon them as fun times. She has been absolutely professional at all times, and has always made sure to keep us informed of progress made and areas for improvement. She has always tried hard to accommodate our needs as a family, and has been extremely reliable every week.

Katie B 08.15

Muzzi has helped our son with both fine and gross motor skills and sensory issues. He often enters their sessions highly strung and agitated and leaves calm, centred and refreshed. She’s magic! Her approach is fair and fun but firm. She is very intuitive and had given us as parents and our son lots of different strategies to work on at home. I know that my son thoroughly enjoys the work that they do but most importantly we get to enjoy the lovely child who leaves once they’ve finished working. Thanks Muzzi!

Shelley 07.15

Muzzi has been amazing for our 4 year old son – not only have his motor skills come on, opening up whole new areas of play for him, but he is also more confident and so much calmer since he started his sessions with her a few months ago.  He is like a different child!  She has the most amazing rapport with children and he absolutely loves her.