Maria and Fabian

Muzzi’s approach has made a significant difference to our son’s sense of his own ability to move and function in space, but more than this, he has lifted his self-esteem as a consequence.  He feels confident that we have found him someone who both understands him and has his best interests at heart.  Thank you, Muzzi, for supporting our son and showing him that he can.

Patricia Astley

Muzzi has been helping my daughter Olivia for 1 year +. Prior to Muzzi, our daughter has taken a long time to accomplish her targets. Since Muzzi has taken over OT, Olivia has been achieving her targets on a regular basis and she has so much fun doing it. She feels motivated with Muzzi and enjoys every session. Muzzi is dedicated, professional and very flexible. Not only is she kind and creative but she gets results. From a parent’s point of view, communication about your child’s progress is paramount. Muzzi is always available to give updates either in person, by phone or email. This is invaluable because what she works on can be developed at home. This would not happen without the communication. I believe she cares about each child she works with and the results speak for themselves. She really makes a difference and that is hard to come by.

Catherine Deane

Muzzi Raymond has been working with our daughter for nearly a year now.  During that time her fine motor skills and strength have greatly improved. Our daughter loves her sessions with Muzzi.  She lights up when Muzzi arrives and looks forward to her “Muzzi days”.  Muzzi is such a gem in her ability to motivate little ones who find tasks difficult and yet keep join with her encouragement.


My son always enjoys and looks forward to Muzzi’s sessions. She has a wonderful rapport with him and makes all her activities seem fun. She has transformed the way in which he works and it has been wonderful to see the progress he has made in so many different areas. Thanks to Muzzi, he can now write his own name and has significantly improved his motor skills. I can recommend her highly.

David and Clarinda

I cannot recommend Muzzi highly enough. Almost from day 1 she developed an incredible rapport with our son, who looks forward to seeing her more than almost anything else! She is extremely committed, warm, encouraging and confidence-building. I cannot imagine there are many occupational therapists out there who do a comparable job.


Muzzi has been fantastic with our 4 year old daughter and has been working on developing her motor and visual skills. Muzzi also encouraged us to get our daughter’s eyes tested and since wearing glasses her concentration improved considerably.  She continues to make great progress in all areas under Muzzi’s guidance.

The Jovanovic’s

Muzzi has been working with our daughter for six months and the improvements she has made are amazing. When looking for someone to help your child;you hope for an understanding, empathic, patient and caring professional and Muzzi is all of these and more, She cares and our daughter absolutely adores her… We were very lucky to find Muzzi and our daughters results speak volumes.. Thank you Muzzi for everything you have done for Mila.

Emily Norris, SENCO at Northbridge House School

Muzzi and I have been working together for little under year. She works with a number of children in my setting and I find her an absolute joy to work with. She is incredibly professional and has such an approachable nature. She cares very much about the children under her care. The children she works with have improved leaps and bounds she does not only support the children but offers her expertise to teachers and staff alike. I am very glad she is on our team and we will be working together for years to come.


The work that you do is amazing. Your dedication and positive attitude are truly inspirational. Since you have been “playing” in this truly organised and developmental way we have seen such a change in our grandchild that it is just wonderful, the happiness, excitement and huge progress is just a joy. You have many strengths and one of many that I admire is your understanding of the child with whom you are working and ability to gage what they are ready for. Then encourage them so that they succeed. Thank you for your commitment to all of us.

Mr and Mrs R

Muzzi has been working with our daughter for almost a year now. Our daughter has made fantastic progress in her concentration and motor skills since she started her sessions with Muzzi. She is much more focused and confident now. Most importantly she loves Muzzi and looks forward to her classes with her. We as parents also appreciate the timely and detailed feedback that Muzzi provides following each session with pictures. A big thank you from all of us!