Heidi and  Yan Kautz

Muzzi has been working with our 3 year old daughter for a few months now. She is very dedicated and passionate about her work and geniunely cares about our daughter. She is able to encourage our daughter to remain seated and concentrate on activities with positive encouragement. Our daughter throroughly enjoys the sessions and is making great progress.

Rebecca and Jeremy Ellis 

Muzzi has been helping Sam since February 2013. She has been working on developing his concentration, fine motor and visual perceptual skills. In her sessions, Muzzi has helped Sam to develop his concentration as well as his skills in a fun yet determined manner. She has given him the confidence to understand that he will overcome his difficulties. I would certainly recommend Muzzi to any parent seeking occupational therapy assistance for their child.


I have been seeing Muzzi Raymond weekly since my discharge from hospital. She is very kind and friendly and has helped me build up my abilities and confidence in many ways. She has also taught me different exercises and I believe that these really make a difference to my wellbeing and health. Muzzi teaches me the exercises at a slow pace which makes a very big difference because I feel able to manage them. She is very passionate and conscientious and really believes in what she does which inspires confidence. Thank you Muzzi – You have been wonderful for my self confidence!

Mendy and Shoshana Tajtelbaum

Muzzi has been an incredible asset to our family. Both our sons have benefited greatly from her occupational therapy sessions which combined with her warmth and humour makes it a fun place to go to rather than just another after school lesson. When muzzi takes someone on she puts all her heart into that child and works to connect to each child on their level. We have seen great results in both our sons in all areas of their development. Muzzi is a highly talented individual and we are so grateful to her for all she has done.

Benny and Shelley Groszman

Muzzi Raymond has been working with our daughter for several years. We have had very many therapists working with out child, however none had the passion and determination to achieve maximum potential the way Muzzi does. The results speak volumes! Thank you Muzzi!!!!!

Mr and Mrs A Jacob

Muzzi Raymond is known for her dedication and devotion. She is caring beyond the call of duty and has always been a people’s person. She is highly skilled and always understanding and supportive. You know you are in good hands when you are being treated by her.

Nicole and Jason Noah

Our son Josh absolutely adores Muzzi Raymond as do we. He sees her on a weekly basis and looks forward to each session. We feel his ability to concentrate and follow routines improves each week with the different techniques Muzzi uses. She’s kind, patient and very understanding. Thank you Muzzi, you’re the best xxx.

Emma and Matthew Simon

Muzzi has been working with our daughter for the past 8 months. Naomi loved her therapy sessions from the outset and continues to look forward to seeing Muzzi every week. Muzzi has a wonderful rapport with our daughter. She is both caring and enormously encouraging in everything she does. Naomi has improved so much with her gross and fine motor skills, balance, concentration and processing skills and these skills have been transferred to te classroom and enhanced her ability to learn. Her teachers are thrilled with her progress and we really feel that without Muzzi’s input Naomi’s school life would be so different. We have had other therapists in the past, but Muzzi is in a league of her own! Her love for her job, caring nature and conscientiousness makes her an exceptional OT. Her skills and infectious character provide these children with the highest level of therapy and make and will continue to make a huge difference to their lives. Anyone looking into having OT for their child would hugely benefit from using Muzzi.

Mr and Mrs C Ahlborn

Muzzi started working with our son a month ago. He likes her a lot and always enjoys her activities. Over the past month his skills have significantly improved and he is making progress at every session.

Elisheva D 

My son LOVES Muzzi at Creative Therapy UK and really looks forward to his sessions with her!! He has made such great progress in his ability to concentrate and follow routines as well as his strength and fine and gross motor skills! Most importantly – these have made a huge difference to his confidence! I tell everyone to go to Muzzi and get an assessment if they want to help their child improve in all the different areas which occupational therapy covers! It has made a huge difference to us! Thank you!