Sonya 09.16

Muzzi has been working with my son James for a few months now. She is the most caring person I have ever met and goes that extra mile to help. I would strongly recommend her for her professionalism and kindness and seems to have a way with the children. We hope to work with you again soon.

Fabian 09.16

Our son is dyslexic and dyspraxic. He received some fine support from our local authority, but it was always a ‘targeted’ approach. If targets were met, and they were, the support stopped. Desperate as we watched our son become more and more frustrated with himself, we were thrilled to meet Muzzi. From the outset, she explained that her approach would be holistic and long term. She has responded sensitively to Charlie’s personality and needs, balanced immediate and long term goals and built an effective rapport with him. He loves coming to see her, enjoys the activities and understands what and why he is learning. He has made stunning progress in his fine and gross motor development. He writes and draws with great confidence – he can now see an incorrect spelling as his script is clear! He rides a bike and balances well and, to his surprise and joy, can throw and catch a frisbee. His self-esteem has been transformed and he now faces fresh challenges with gusto.

Natalia 09.16

Muzzi has been helping Anahita for over a year and her progress has been absolutely amazing! She was able to engage her in the activities that were difficult for her and help her achieve success. She knows how to work with her and she loves her sessions even though she pushes her out of her comfort zone. She also gives us advice what educational toys we can buy. We can see improvement in her learning abilities, concentration and problem solving. I would recommend her to anyone whose child would benefit from OT.

DM, London 09.16

Muzzi has been working with daughter for two years. In this time, we have noticed a dramatic improvement in her confidence and her ability to focus and concentrate. I also know that she has really enjoyed her sessions with Muzzi and that they have helped her progress in many ways both directly and indirectly. As a parent I have found Muzzi’s feedback and input second to none and heartily recommend her.

Anonymous 09.16

Muzzi has without doubt been instrumental in helping my child settle into his new school and adapt quickly. Her calm, warm and gentle personality meant that my son took to her immediately and he was happy to work and progress with her.

Pauline 09.16

Muzzi and her colleague Mel have been working with our 3yr old for the past 8 months, the difference in his behaviour, play and concentration has been tremendous, he is so much happier and more confident to play with his toys by himself. We look forward to continuous work with both Mel and Muzzi and watching our sons progress. The professionalism between Mel and Muzzi has been second to non, from asking questions to having Muzzi contact me if I have any concerns, updates of sessions and keeping each other up to date, I couldn’t have a better team, they are brilliant.

Rachel Ucko 08.16

Shiri has been attending sessions with Muzzi for nearly a year now and her progress has been remarkable. She has become much more confident in school because of the skills Muzzi has equipped her with. More recently Muzzi has been working on an intensive handwriting programme with her and the results have been amazing. Shiri loves attending the sessions because of her kind and warm nature.

Miriam Cohen 08.16

Mel has been seeing my 2 year old son for over 6 months now and he has greatly improved in terms of his understanding of how to play with toys and the enjoyment he gets from them by playing with them appropriately. His concentration span has also improved and he enjoys the sessions. The minute he sees Mel at the door he runs to the room they work in and sits patiently waiting for her to join him!

Yael Heffetz 08.16

Ever since my eldest was 1 year old, I thought something wasn’t right. But I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Throughout the years I have shared my concerns with my child’s teachers, whom weren’t very helpful with that matter. Then, we moved to the UK and she was diagnosed with ADHD. It was a relief to finally have someone who sees the things I’ve experienced with her and could even put a label on that. Then, we met the amazing Muzzy. Ever since my child started OT, everything changed. Everything! Firstly, she became a happy child again. Her motor skills, both soft and gross improved immensely. Her achievements in school and with that, she started to regain her self-confidence. It didn’t happen overnight, it started about three months into the OT and I know we still have a long way, but we are getting there, thanks for OT.

Ariela 07.16

Salomé has progressed a lot. She has more strength in her arms. It is noticeable at the gym; trapeze and at her swimming. We will work with the Octons over the summer and do some writing and many games. Thanks you so much for your precious help with Salomé.