Mrs V Levy 06.15

We tried other OTs before but everything was very slow and the boys always complained about how boring it was, now our 3 boys love working with Muzzi and we could see that they were actually having progress. She is very pleasant, understands their needs and works hard to meet kids and parents expectations. We would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a competent occupational therapist who clearly loves what she does.

Anonymous 06.15

We are immensely grateful to Muzzi for her care and professionalism towards our son. Since starting OT, his concentration and behaviour at school has improved dramatically. Muzzi’s approach has been proactive in many areas of his development and he has gained much confidence as a result.

Mr & Mrs M 06.15

After relying on the NHS for our son’s OT needs. We decided to come to Muzzi. It can always be hit and miss to know if you have found the right person. Well Muzzi has been amazing with our child. We saw a difference in our son after 3 months. Her practical advice has enabled us to help him outside school. The School itself has engaged with her really well and are empowered to help our son achieve. He is much happier and has gained confidence in himself. With Muzzi It’s a partnership and works very well. Our son means the world to her and that’s says it all.

Sam P 06.15

My daughter has spent just a short few months with Muzzi to help improve her gross motor skills and physical strength. During this time her  confidence has improved immeasurably and her coordination has become so good she’s now enjoying tennis, riding a bike, monkeying around in the playground with her friends and is far more physically courageous and independent. It has been a quick and fascinating journey for us and Muzzi has supported the family through every step with a fun programme of strategies, exercise and play. I will of course continue to recommend Muzzi.

C.F. 04.15

Muzzi- you’ve made a world of a difference to our child. Your input has enabled her to build on skills to maximise her concentration in class and at home. She has made major strides forward in her development and social skills too. Your services were successful beyond our expectations! Thank you!

Chantal. 04.15

My son enjoys Muzzi’s sessions a lot more than any other lessons and he has gained a lot by her care. It is also great to get weekly feedback from Muzzi’s weekly sessions.

Claire 04.15

My daughter has worked with different OTs over the years and I have to say Muzzi is the best one we have ever worked with. She has a real modern way of thinking about therapy and makes my daughter’s sessions really fun for her. Since Muzzi has been working with her we have seen a great deal of progress.


Muzzi is a fantastic OT who has made a major difference to my daughter’s life. Z has made more progress in six months with Muzzi than in the previous two years with other OTs. From fine motor skills to core strength, Muzzi has ways to make her enjoy each activity, even when she finds it difficult. After practicing the Muzzi way to do puzzles, Z is now enjoying jigsaws and choosing to do them by herself, something she has never wanted to do before. Z looks forward to every session with “hurray, today’s a Muzzi day!!”.  Muzzi has given advice to my daughter’s class teacher and helped develop strategies for the classroom too. Muzzi has helped Z gain in confidence, build her skills and learn to overcome her difficulties. Thank you Muzzi.

Kitty Marsh

Muzzi has been working with our 6 year old daughter, Io, since October for dyspraxia related issues. Since Muzzi arrived, Io has made a huge improvement, both in her physical abilities and confidence wise.  Io looks forward to seeing Muzzi all week and considers her sessions to be the best play dates ever.  Muzzi is super organised and efficient, outstanding with children and full of enthusiasm and good advice.  I wish we had known her 9 years ago so that she could have worked her magic on our dyspraxic oldest son at the same age as Io.  Muzzi is now helping him too (age 15); she is dealing beautifully with a somewhat recalcitrant teenager and we are seeing the changes already!