Rebecca, 11.17

The support Chloe has received through Creative Therapy has been amazing…her focus in the classroom has increased and her key learning skills like writing and processing are constantly improving. The biggest compliment is that Chloe does not see her sessions as an extra lesson but looks forward to seeing Sheerelle every week to ‘chat and play’!

Erica, 11.17

Muzzi is a great support to me as well as my children, I feel very lucky to have her on my side when I find others are not, she genuinely cares for my children’s wellbeing & fully supports me at every hurdle, she goes above & beyond to reassure me and get me in contact with other therapists for both my children. I would be lost without her!

Anonymous 11.17

Muzzi and her lovely team have been working with my son for 6 months and he is improving so significantly with his fine and gross motor skills, that we have just reduced his OT sessions by half. Thank you

Anonymous 11.17

Thank you for helping our son with his hypermobility. Your persistence and innovative exercises kept him committed to continuous training and the resulted followed.

Jen Grayson 11.17

My daughter was assessed by Muzzi  a year ago as she was having difficulties at school with maths, reading and handwriting. We are still taking things day by day but seeing my daughter being able to read so well has made my husband and I very happy. This is all thanks to the support we have received from Muzzi and her colleague Mel.

Sophie and Adam Judah 11.17

Rafael has made so much progress in the past year thanks to Muzzi. She is so kind and patient and has given our son more confidence. We are so happy that we found her when we did and she is so dedicated and passionate in what she does.
Thank you Muzzi.

Lyndsay Uzzell 11.17

OT has really helped our dyspraxic son with his fine motor skills, body strength, and problem solving. He has started to show more confidence at school and is less anxious about doing the work required of him there. The OT communicates well with the teacher and has integrated into the school timetable so our son doesn’t miss break times and key lessons. It helps that she can go into the school so we don’t have to take him out to attend sessions. We get weekly updates emailed to us about his progress and how he is doing. Overall, we have had a positive experience and appreciate the support of having an in-school OT for our son.

Tory 11.17

My little girl is 4 years old and until recently been very unsettled, like all kids she has her quirks but hers seemed to be a little unusual! We were referred to Muzzi and her team, what can I say, they are totally fantastic, not only have the been supportive for my little girl they have also been unbelievably supportive for me and my husband.

In the last few months we have seen huge changes with my little girl, she has a new level of understanding and we are able to reason with her without it ending in total meltdown!

I can’t thank Muzzi and Zaza for helping my daughter become happy and content!

Carry on your wonderful work!!

Tanya and Josh 11.17

We are so proud of how Joey has grown and developed over this past year. Muzzi and Sheerelle have really helped him become more engaged, interactive and alive! Joey looks forward to his weekly sessions and works hard throughout. We are really grateful for what creative therapy has helped him achieve so far and look forward to seeing him develop further and reach his true potential as he deserves.

D, Finchley 11.17

Both my boys have been doing OT for the past year. They thoroughly enjoy their weekly sessions and always talk about them enthusiastically. It’s one of their highlights of the week. The approach through play and challenges really appeals. We get excellent feedback weekly explaining what they are working on and how we can help their development. I highly recommend it.