Anonymous, 02.18

Thank you so much for your mail and for everything you have done for T. She has loved your sessions and would have loved to carry on with them forever!! I will continue working on her pen grip at home.

Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, 01.18

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming and taking the staff session last week – I have had so much positive feedback from all of the staff who have been busy changing the positions of certain children in class, buying jigsaw puzzles for the class, carrying out movement breaks and making other classroom adjustments, inspired by your session.  One member of staff commented, ‘I wish Muzzi was working here all the time,’ and everyone appreciated the time you took to provide us with so much information about OT.

Anonymous, 11.17

Muzzi has been beyond amazing with my little boy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. We have come a long way since our sessions started and I look forward to continuing working with her.

SB, 11.17

I am excited about the next stage for O and how your team can help him and guide me. It was such a treat to meet someone so knowledgeable and confidence inspiring. I look forward to next week and hearing more and hope you have a lovely week.

Mrs Charles, 11.17

Muzzi has been helping our son to improve his handwriting. They have had weekly sessions for a while now and it is alway great to see how much Max enjoys his time with Muzzi. Even when he finds some of the tasks challenging, Muzzi’s support and encouragement always boost his confidence. As a result, Max is keen to try the new skills and he looks forward to the next exercise. As a parent, I love the fact that Muzzi always stays in touch with me, updating me on our son’s activities and his progress.

D Babajee, 11.17

Muzzi has been great with our daughter. We are amazed by the improvement she has made in such short space of time and how her confidence has increased.The school that our child attends has also said OT has been best therapy we could have chosen for our child. We would recommend Muzzi because she connected really well with our daughter and she enjoys her sessions every week and the results can be seen immediately after each session. Muzzi is also very warm and kind therapist which helps a lot.

S, 11.17

We are really pleased with the progress our daughter had made through OT. Muzzi has a very kind and caring nature and makes games fun and our daughter is keen to share with us what she has learnt. She has helped with fine motor skills and for a left handed child has made a significant improvement for someone who struggled. Muzzi has really helped in so many ways more than we anticipated. Thank You.

Sherina Kabir, 11.17

My son started seeing Muzzi and her team just before summer 2017. Although initially reluctant he now enjoys the therapy sessions, which are always are fun and interactive. The therapists are warm, friendly and approachable. I like that the therapists go into school and work with the children in a setting the children are comfortable in. A report is produced and sent by email at the end of every session and this is a great way of keeping informed of the activities in the session and progress made. I would definitely recommend this service.

Karen, 11.17

Over a year ago, my son who has high functioning autism, ADHD and sensory issues began receiving weekly occupational therapy with Lovely Mel, to increase his core strength, balance, planning and organisation, as well as handwriting and use of cutlery.

After about 9 months of input, my son’s improvements allowed fir him to finally be able to learn to ride a bike (at age 9), while his handwriting improved, together with his behaviour and confidence. We have received great advice on adapted cutlery and strategies to manage sensory issues. My son really enjoys the sessions with Mel. Thank you so much all of your invaluable support. We really appreciate all you have done for him!

Dimple Shah, 11.17

My daughter has been having sessions with Muzzi for about a year now. In this time she has developed in leaps and bounds. Muzzi makes her therapy sessions fun and my daughter feels as though she is just playing! Her gross physical and fine motor skills have really improved. Her handwriting has really improved despite having no extra practice in handwriting. The skills that Muzzi has worked on means that Ishani’s handwriting has automatically improved. Muzzi has encouraged and shown us what we need to do at home with Ishani in order to get the best result.