T’s Mummy, North London 02.17

Muzzi has been working with my little boy, who has just turned 4 and has autism, for around 6 months. He has other therapies which have been very useful in improving his behaviour and attention but I really had no idea how crucial fine motor skills were in improving cognitive ability. My son and I both look forward to our weekly sessions, Muzzi is fun and caring but also professional and no nonsense – which is just as important with a child like mine!

I love the genuine interest she has in my son’s progress and how much pleasure she takes in his achievements. We practice what we learn in the sessions at home every night and it feels more like fun than work.

Since we have started he has shown a desire to undo his buttons and use keys in locks, he has also started to enjoy painting and crafting. I didn’t really understand what OT was but I am so pleased we took a leap of faith – and delighted we were lucky enough to find Muzzi first.

LG 02.17

Our son (11) has been seeing Muzzi for OT for just under a year. During this time his organisational skills and fine motor skills have improved immensely. Over the last few weeks Muzzi’s been working on his handwriting and within just a few sessions there are marked improvements in this area too.  OT sessions with Muzzi have also helped with our son’s self confidence and self-esteem. We have found Muzzi to be really approachable and a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend Creative Therapy UK.

Anonymous 02.17

Hi Muzzi I’m happy to say that the services have been exceptional and that my son has improved enormously in gross motor skills and visual perception particularly.

RW 02.17

Our daughter is finally making visible progress and you have always tried different approaches to support her in the best way. She has made a connection with you and is always happy to see you and do a session.

Becca, St Anthony’s School for Boys 02.17

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed that meeting yesterday! Wanted to talk to you for so much longer! It has also made me want to become an OT in the future!

Elisa Marcus 12.16

Benjy loves working with Mel. She has really helped him with his planning and fine motor skills. His writing has significantly improved, so much so that the teacher has commented recently about the vast improvement. Thanks so much to Mel and Muzzi who have contributed greatly to his increased confidence at school.

C.S, 12.16

Sheerelle and Muzzi together have made an incredible timetable for my son who at first found life very overwhelming especially when at home. He never knew what to play with and didn’t know how to fit in with his siblings. This would make him frustrated as he couldn’t draw, colour, do puzzles, Lego and even play football. All these activities that come so naturally to most to him were a huge struggle and thus he would have major melt downs making life at home for all of us really unbearable. After 4 months of regular sessions my son can now draw.. he draws pictures of people with smiley faces, he has a bag of Lego in his bedroom which he loves to do before bedtime and is able to play so many other games that before seemed impossible. We never knew how to get his focus or attention. Now with all that he has so far gained has given our son so much confidence that he has changed so much. He now understands so much more about the world around him and I’m not sure I can imagine what could have been if we hadn’t had Sheerelle in his life. On his first week with Sheerelle he bite her in frustration everything was so hard for him.. a simple puzzle was like solving algebra he now loves his sessions with her and when he gets a new puzzle he is so excited to tell me and he wishes her a lovely day at the end of his session with her which just proves how much he cares. Thank you both for being so caring and making the effort all the time.

Nicola and Ben 12.16

We cannot recommend Muzzi enough. She is our knight in shining armour. She has helped our son more than we could have imagined. She is kind and caring and praises him with each milestone that he achieves. We have not been seeing her for long but the results that we have already seen are incredible. More to the point, our son loves Muzzi and gets so excited to go and see her. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

Anonymous 12.16

Sheerelle is wonderful and instills us with confidence and our son too.  It’s only since I’ve sat down to write this letter that I’ve thought about how many of the problem areas our son had, have since been sorted and become non existent.  She is always positive, always honest and always supportive and is a delight to have in both our and our sons life.  There is still a way to go but we are sure that he will get there and that will be due to the hard work Sheerelle puts in and the ability she is building for our son.

Natalie Brim 09.16

Muzzi has connected to our son in a way that we had never seen before. She got to the core of what he needed and helped us to unravel his difficulties – she gave us back our child. He is developing and flourishing under her guidance and is able to do things we didn’t think possible in such a short space of time. She has helped the whole family to nurture his progress and we are eternally grateful.