S Wilson 03.17

Eight months ago our son lacked independence and we were very anxious about him starting school. Intensive work with his OT Sheerelle made a difference within a very short time period. She guides him and us on how to improve his motor skills as well as activities to help him concentrate and follow instructions in school. The difference is incredible. We are so proud of our son’s achievements and so happy to have Sheerelle supporting our family.

NJ 03.17

Muzzi at Creative Therapy has helped our daughter make significant improvement in her fine motor skills, problem solving skills and her visual skills. Our daughter was late in choosing a dominant hand and Muzzi gave us the advice to just wait and watch her, rather than to pick a hand for her. We were anxious but Muzzi gave us the confidence to wait. Our daughter has been working with Muzzi since she was in Nursery and she is due to go to year 1 soon. We did some sessions in school during term time and some at Muzzi’s bright and spacious home, during school holidays. We think the OT has been great for our daughter’s development and her confidence. Muzzi is patient and loving but is also firm when required. What I have loved about the sessions (when I sat in on a few) is that Muzzi treats the kids like they are her equals. So the kids end up focusing, react responsibly and get through the activities in an organised way. My daughter has attacked every activity with great gusto and all credit to Muzzi for making sure that no session is ever boring. She has also been very proactive in recommending things for us to do with our daughter at home or on holiday. It has helped me become more aware of the games, toys, puzzles and activities that I can introduce my children to

Jessica 03.17

Muzzi and Sherelle have worked with Joseph for the last 6 months and he has loved his ‘playdates’ with Sherelle on a weekly basis. He has made huge progress with his fine motor skills and they have now moved on to working on exercises for his Gross motor and sequencing skills. The convenience of having someone come to us is amazing and the caring attitude they bring to their work is really great.

Sarah Cohen 03.17

From our first meeting with Muzzi we knew we had found the solution into helping Joshua overcome his struggles. She understood exactly what he needed and how to help him. She suggested he worked with Sheerelle as she judged they would get on well. She was spot on! Sheerelle is absolutely amazing with Josh and a pleasure to work with. Creative therapists are so professional and allow us as parents to be comforted knowing they are doing the right thing whilst my son excitedly await for his next playtime which is never soon enough! We can’t thank you enough.

Michelle and Albert 03.17

No words to describe “Muzzi”. She is the most caring dedicated and supportive lady. Her determination to help our child together with her positivity has been second to none.

Our son, has benefited tremendously with his weekly sessions with Muzzi and looks forward to every session with such eagerness. Muzzi cares beyond belief and really makes it her mission to help where ever possible. She is always so approachable and has endless amount of patience.

Both our son and us, are privileged to have Muzzi in our lives and would 100% recommend her.

Jo 03.17

My daughter began working with Muzzi aged 5. She had difficulties controlling the pencil and generally with fine motor skills.  Muzzi worked with her patiently and always with a smile and after a few sessions my daughter is now showing age appropriate handwriting and generally is more confident and able in all fine motor activities. We cannot thank Muzzi enough for her dedication, positive attitude and most of all making learning fun.

Anonymous 02.17

I have been very impressed with Muzzi’s approach to providing a bespoke development plan for Charlotte, my daughter, during the several months she has been working with her. From the outset, Muzzi’s inter-action with Charlotte has been highly effective, but also kind and caring. She has developed trust and respect, which has ensured that Charlotte has been fully engaged in her therapy sessions and this has resulted in material, positive progress in developing gross and fine motor skills. Charlotte absolutely adores Muzzi and has grown in self-confidence, with enhanced concentration, coordination and handwriting skills, all of which have been noted by her teachers at school. I would recommend Muzzi’s OT expertise without hesitation – she really has made a positive difference to Charlotte’s personal development.

Anonymous 02.17

My son worked with Mel for 6 months and really looked forward to his sessions with her.  She really helped him with his fine motor skills and organisation – he went from hating puzzles to becoming a keen chess player in that time!

SD 02.17

I cannot recommend Muzzi and her colleague Mel enough for any child that needs a little extra help.  She is knowledgeable, experienced and caring. She tailor-fits a plan to suit each child’s needs and give them the push they need to succeed. She is always on hand to answer any questions or concerns regarding child development.  She was the only one of a variety of professionals to correctly diagnose a health issue with my son and insist that we get it checked, allowing us to confirm her suspicions and start treatment early on. It is such a relief to have her on our side and I see her as a true and valuable partner in my son’s development.